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IV. Valentýnská zábava

29. 1. 2018




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2. 4. 2020 15:18

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CyberXPen - Eskadron -- new loved by jockeys all over the whole world

1. 4. 2020 14:41

Eskadron is among the very appreciated high-street manufacturers in the world that focuses on the creation of top quality equestrian clothing and equipment. This German concern was set by Pikeur trying to satisfy up with the jockeys' needs, who were searching for professional but also fashionable equestrian accessories. So, what makes Eskadron therefore special and why their selections are so popular among riders?Eskadron -- why would riders from all over the world love this new brand?
Eskadron continues to be extremely popular among horse riding lovers for twelve or even more years now. This brand's products are characterized by their own high-quality attention to detail. Eskadron can be appreciated for their unique viability, elegance, and innovativeness of their endeavors, modern style, and availability. The brand's offer includes both professional ones and items for amateur riders. Thus, you can find basic design clothes, expert equestrian, and assorted accessories necessary for your proper saddling of a horse. Eskadron offers saddle fabrics, halters, rugs, bell boots for horses, boots, fly vases, bandages, however additionally hoodies, t shirts, breeches, also show coats. All products include the European Union, which additionally verifies their quality.Eskadron's ranges
Eskadron has many selections. Some are seasonal, others are constantly accessible their own offer. The very Well-known collections of this brand are:
Vintage Sports - launched twice a calendar year, this line is made up exclusively of horse riding equipment. Products from this collection are extremely straightforward, in conventional soft colors but at exactly the identical time very elegant.
Platinum Card - starts once annually for those who like conventional solutions. You'll mostly find gray and black colors together with delicate picture motifs.
Young Star - lineup for kiddies that begin their experience with horse riding. It's basic horseriding accessories in bright colours and extraordinary patterns.
Equestrian Fanatics - clothing line designed for riders that like to stick outside. Available coats, hoodies, and backpacks successfully combine casual clothing with equestrianism.
Vintage offer - Their constant offer of clothing, equipment, and accessories. You can find products used for training and everyday rides but additionally elegant show clothing.

Eskadron can be a brand used by riders from all around the globe. For the sake of riding and safety both yours and your horse, it is well worth purchasing supreme quality articles, which will allow one to fully appreciate this sport that is exceptional.

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31. 3. 2020 21:04

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